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Bullying? What are your issues and concerns about managing your multifamily residential communities?

  • Are your communities bully-free?
  • How did you become aware of the bullying problem?
  • What have you done so far?
  • What are the results?
  • Are you satisfied or do you need a new approach?

Bullying in a multifamily residential community is more a function of the whole system rather than of any individual—bullying is an infectious social disease that requires a communal and institutional response. Thus, while there are benefits in educating management, staff, residents and the public, the solution must be found in the whole organization. Managers, staff, and residents must all work together in order to achieve a harmonious community. Many of the elements to such a solution may already exist at your organization.

We can assist your organization to develop and implement a corporate program to continually provide assurance that bullying is being prevented and/or being promptly remedied.

  • We’ll start by assessing the current situation.
  • Together, we'll evaluate what goals and outcomes you are seeking.
  • Together, we'll introduce appropriate efforts to improve the situation.
  • We'll work together to design a system that works for you, your staff, and your residents.
  • We'll provide education and training to empower all levels of your organization.
  • We’ll help you create and maintain a system for continual monitoring and improvement.

The result will be yet another example of your leadership.

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