Working together to eliminate bullying and enable the creation of healthy residential communities for the elderly, disabled, and families through consulting, training, education, and publishing.


Togethering will be the vehicle to bring together experts in cultural, social, and administrative change to enable housing providers, their agents, and tenants to work together to create bully-free residential communities. Not only is there a potential legal liability if bullying takes place in a property, but there are significant benefits for keeping a community bully-free. See http://togethering.com/business

Jerry Halberstadt, President of Togethering, has made a detailed and intensive study of bullying, including the social and administrative contexts within which it can thrive or be prevented. As a founder and leader of the Stop Bullying Coalition, he has marshalled partners in the elderly and disabled communities to advocate for legislative action. His efforts and those of many other advocates and legislators have led to bill to create a legislative study commission that will bring together all the stakeholders to develop a better understanding of bullying and propose solutions. See: http://StopBullyingCoalition.org

Our first publication, by Jerry Halberstadt is "Stop Bullying: Creating Healthy Communities for the Elderly and Disabled." The book was designed as a policy paper to advocate and guide legislation, and it can well serve as a handbook for housing providers, managers, social service providers, activists, and residents. As a unique study of the roots of bullying and documentation of the effects of various approaches to management, it will be a valuable tool for the academic community as well as for those seeking to improve community life.

"Bullying is a social disease that can create a toxic living environment, but by working together, people can eliminate the bullying and create a healthy community," said Halberstadt. "That is the message of Stop Bullying: Creating Healthy Communities for the Elderly and Disabled."

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